Award** winning, modular, SAAS based, Connected Risk Intelligence platform for business, risk and compliance teams to identify, assess, predict, manage and benchmark critical business and technology risks, reduce risk exposures, increase resilience, reduce costs, protect revenue and business growth

Unified data management of enterprise and operational risks
Real time risk & fraud monitoring, automated decisions and actions
Fast onboarding, configuration and adoption within weeks to fit the individual needs of the users/firms

Proven best practice, no-code, out of the box, modular and real-time Risk, Compliance Monitoring and Management Solutions

Enterprise Operational Risks Assessment, Monitoring, Predictive Analysis and Management

covering critical Business, Data and Technology risks

Fraud Detection, Monitoring, Predictive Analysis & Management

Regulatory Compliance & Policy Management

Operational Resilience Assessment and Management

Technology Risk Assessment & Management

Climate Risk Assessment

Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) Risk Assessment & Monitoring

Cybersecurity Risk Assessment & Management

Semi Automated Controls Testing

Events & Loss Management

Third Party/Ecosystem Risk Management

Risk & Compliance Analytics and Benchmarking

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Platform Capabilities


Intelligent Software & Insights

Automated and self-learning intelligent platform with built-in analytics, allowing more time for real-time monitoring and actioning on risks and associated controls

Business Process Automation and Workflow Management

In-built Business Process Automation (RPA), workflows and notifications helping to map and manage your processes and governance easily and effectively


AI-powered Advanced Analytics

Machine learning models, Voice (NLP based) and predictive analytics provide data-driven augmented risk management capabilities, and actionable insights based on continuous learning & patterns

API and Data Management

Easily transfer, upload and extract data using array of in-built APIs, Platform connectors and Data management tools


Data Security

Industry leading Cloud security, Automated backups and Data Loss Prevention policies, Secured Single Sign-on (with MFA) andMulti-level of encryption

Award-winning & AI driven risk intelligence platform for managing critical non-financial risks in one place



Integrated Risk and Compliance Data management
Quality, time, usability and granularity

Flexible risk insights and business decisions
Flexible analysis, extensive intelligence, and reporting automation

Agile Business response and protection
Flexible results in an ability to respond rapidly, reducing costs and enables risk culture

Data model/schemas, screens, workflows, process automation, APIs, and Connectors

Line of Defence (LoD) alignment and clarity
Best practice risk and control framework implementation and alignment to the business

Platform Benefits

Connected Risks

Single cloud solution for managing all non-financial risk types and providing connected risk exposures & insights

In-built Repositories

Checklists and Questionnaires Library, Taxonomy library, KRI Library, Controls library, etc. covering industry best practices and frameworks

Automated Auditing and Reporting

Schedule and automate internal auditing, risk and compliance reporting needs and templates

Trusted and Transparent Data Management

Achieve individual and integrated data context, transparency, and linkages of structured and unstructured data across the organisation for reporting and governance excellence

Integrated Regulatory Compliance and Policies Management

Proactively scan, capture, and manage all your policies and regulatory compliance needs from a synchronized, central interface

Achieve your risk and compliance management vision through our unique and award winning connected risk management approach and platform