Reshaping Risk and Compliance Management for Growth Connected Risk Management
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Risk Management

Manage Business Risks

Manage Business Risks Connectedly, Reduce Disruptions and Losses with CORIZANCE award winning Connected Risk Management Platform


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Optimize Business Operations

Make data driven risk decisions and predictions with customer and business transactions
Get real time risk visibility
Achieve policies and regulatory compliance
Drive more digital sales and improve the customer experience

Protect your revenue and investment

Maximize operational performance by monitoring core business processes in real time
Gain 360-degree actionable insights – combining structured & unstructured data
Ensure employee efficiency and protect your business reputation
Minimize loss of revenue associated with critical threats such as fraud, cyber-attacks, etc.

Adapt quickly and reduce costs

Reduce business risks and ensure timely customer service
Adapt to changing regulations
Streamline processes, controls and lower administrative costs
Utilize a best practice and world-class risk management engine and prevent business disruptions


Award-winning Connected Risk Management Platform

Our award-winning connected risk management approach has been independently assessed and acknowledged by British Standards Institute (BSI) and Police Digital Security Centre (PDSC, part of UK Police)

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Key features

We provide advanced and intelligent risk management solutions for companies across the globe and pride ourselves on our unparalleled, dedicated service.

Focus on managing critical risks

Focus on managing critical risks using Corizance’s unique* connected risk approach

Top down and bottom up risk management

Top down and bottom up risk management enabling robust review and challenge of analytics to support decisions

Comprehensive audit trail

Comprehensive audit trail providing confidence to management, Board and Regulators of coherent risk management practices

Captures text, voice assessment inputs

Captures text, voice assessment inputs, analyse structured and unstructured data (voice, semantic, text, geospatial, etc.)

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